Xmen Pornography Story: kitten Two.

Xmen Pornography Story: kitten Two.

“I’m gonna land us on the roof of the car, Kitty,” Mayday said. “Get ready to fast-break us apart. Do it as soon as we touch down.”

As the webslinging duo closed up the gap, only yards remaining now, Kitty could see that there was a perp in the back, on the passenger side. He had broken out the back window and was shooting at the police. Kitty prepared to phase herself and Mayday to avoid bullet holes, but the guy wasn’t looking up.

Then he wasn’t visible from above, as they were now even with the car. It took a little effort to connect with it, as the driver kept making wild lane changes. Finally he was boxed into going straight for a little ways and Mayday dropped them onto the car. Or rather she dropped herself onto the car. Kitty phased just before touchdown, dropping herself and the harness through the roof. Mayday was clear of the harness, but she was by herself. “What the fuck?”

Simultaneously, Kitty plopped into the back seat on the driver’s side. “Now who ordered a pizza?”

The guy on the other side, still kneeling backwards and shooting at the patrol cars, looked at her with a stunned expression, then he tried to pistol whip her in the face. He didn’t connect, of course, as the gun just passed though Kitty’s face. While he was off balance, Kitty grabbed his wrist with both hands and pulled backwards with all her body weight, stretching him out lengthways across the back seat on top of her. As his outstretched hand reached the door, she phased it though, then left it stuck in the door.

As the guy struggled to free his hand, Kitty phased herself out from under him, then phase-kicked one of his feet through the opposite door. The perp was now completely immobilized. This all happened pretty fast, but by now the crook riding shotgun had turned around and was aiming a gun at Kitty. She was in full phase, so he merely shot some holes into the back seat. His gun hand was adjacent to his seat back, so Kitty slapped it to the side, embedding it in the seat. Startled, he fired the gun again. However, now it was at a more downward angle.

The backseat perp screamed. “Yaaaahhhhhhhh! Bennie, you fuck! You shot me in the ass!”

“I’ll take the gun, Bennie,” Kitty said. “Before you, like, hurt someone.” He tried to hold onto it, but the strength of his grip was irrelevant when it was simply phased through his fingers.

By now Mayday was sticking her head in the window from above. “What’s going on in here?”

“No prob, Spider-Girl, I got it under control. Kinda.”

Kitty sat on the back seat perp’s back and put the gun up against the driver’s head. “It might be a good idea to stop the car now.”

“Fuck you, bitch! You can’t shoot me while I’m driving. You might die in the crash too.”

“And I might not. I’m a super-hero, ya know? I guarantee I’ll come out of it better than you will.”

The guy stepped on the gas and drove even wilder than ever, calling her bluff. Kitty was jerked around in the car while Mayday hung onto the roof.

“Hang on, Shadowcat,” Mayday said. “I’ll get up front and trash his engine.” But the car was maneuvering too violently for even her to keep her balance, so she was stuck in place.

Finally the guy spun around a corner and lost control. In horror, Kitty realized they were headed for the sidewalk and a whole crowd of people. Getting a good grip on the car, she put the whole thing, including Mayday, into phase. They passed through the people and then through the wall of a building.

They were inside a bank, headed right toward the massive vault door. The driver managed to screech to a halt just short of it. He was the only mobile perp and tried to run, but he only got three steps before Mayday had him bagged.

“Great work, Kitty,” Mayday said after the perp was hanging from the ceiling. “You did the whole fucking thing. I was just an observer that time.”

Kitty giggled. “Aw, it was just more stupid mutant tricks.”

By this time the police arrived and took over the handling of the crooks. Once they were unphased from the car and freed from webbing anyway.

A couple of reporters had showed up by now. “Who’s your friend, Spider-Girl? Do you have a sidekick now?”

“No, nothing like that. Shadowcat is in town for a few days. I thought we’d see the sights, catch some crooks. You know. And she’s no sidekick. She had more to do with this bust than I did. This time I wasn’t much more than transportation to the crime scene.”

The reporters followed them outside the bank. They answered a few questions and then Mayday cut the press conference short by grabbing Kitty and vaulting into the air. Kitty found web slinging without the harness a little more nerve-wracking, but it was only until they were away from everyone. They had retrieved the harness from the car before leaving. Mayday took them to a rooftop a block or so away from the bank.

“Are we gonna patrol some more?” Kitty asked, “Or are you gonna take me back to the Baxter Building?”

“I was thinking neither. I want to invite you to my house for dinner. My mom is a great cook.”

“That sounds great,” Kitty said. “But won’t that give away your real identity?”

“I think I can trust you with that now. Besides, it really isn’t fair for me to hide myself from you when you’re right there in the open.” She pulled off her mask. “Mayday is just a nickname, of course, but it’s derived from my real name, which is May. May Parker.”

Kitty grinned. “Pleased to meetcha, May Parker.” She was stunned by how pretty May was. Her hair was brown too, but somewhat darker than Kitty’s. Impulsively, Kitty kissed the older girl. May was startled, but returned the kiss. The two of them held each other for a few moments, dueling tongues.

“Whoo,” May said. “Hold that thought. Let’s go home first. I want you to meet my mom.”

Kitty had already been surprised by May’s good looks. She was stunned a second time by May’s mom, Mary Jane. It was amazing to Kitty that someone who had a daughter older than her could look like that. Kitty was again grateful that the problem of the involuntary boners had been solved, because either Mary Jane or May alone would have given her a hardon. Both of them together would have made her cum in her pants. As it was, she was pretty wet.

Mary Jane’s hair was a slightly darker shade of red than Jean’s. She had a woman’s body, not scrawny like Kitty’s or athletic like May’s. Mary Jane’s tits were awesome, and her ass was full, but not really big.

Kitty and May had entered the house in street clothes. Kitty’s had been brought along in a little bag attached to the harness, and May’s had been stashed on a rooftop close to the house, but not too close. They had changed on the roof, then walked here.

“Kitty, I’m sorry you won’t get a chance to meet Peter, but he works horrendously long hours, and won’t get home until the middle of the night.”

“That’s too bad,” Kitty said. “I would have liked to meet him. May said he was the original Spiderman. That is so fucking cool. He works for the police department now, right? So he’s still fighting crooks, just not in a costume any more.”

Mary Jane sighed. “I’m proud that both my husband and my daughter do so much for the people of this city, but sometimes it gets a little lonely. They’re both gone a lot.” She shook her head and moved on to something else. “What is your power, Kitty? May said you’re a mutant, so you were born with it, right? No radioactive spiders for you?”

Kitty nodded. “I was born with my power, but it didn’t kick in until about a year ago. I thought I was normal until then.” Kitty described phasing.

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