Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter I. Are We There Yet?

Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter I. Are We There Yet?

Part 1.

Kitty was excited about the trip to New York. It wasn’t so much the location itself as the people she would have a chance to meet. It was to be a gathering of the world’s major heroes in one place, hosted by the Fantastic Four. Kitty was thrilled that the mostly teen X-Men were included, yet was a little nervous. Everyone would be going, even the recruits. The Professor had considered inviting Tabitha, but there was just too much risk she would pull some kind of shit that would embarrass the X-Men. Another “what can happen?” incident.

When Kitty reached the bathroom, she could hear the shower running, and phased her head though the door. “Hey, whoever’s in there, can I shower with ya? I’m running a little late.”

She heard Amara’s voice. “Well, it’s already a little crowded in here, but come on in.”

Kitty phased off her robe as she walked then phased through the glass door. In addition to Amara, she found Tiffany and Rahne in the shower. They shuffled around to give her access to the shower head and she wet herself down. Then the others started soaping her up. Amara took her front, Tiffany her back, and Rahne squatted to lather her legs.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Kitty moaned as Amara rubbed soap onto her tits. “I love cleaning up.” In a similar fashion, Tiffany soon decided that Kitty’s ass needed more attention than anywhere else. And not surprisingly, Rahne worked her way up to the pussy.

Kitty moaned again as the three girls handled her fun bits. “Uhhhhhhh. I need to do you guys too.”

Rahne giggled. “Amara and I don’t need any more soap. We’ve been in here a while, so we’re as clean as we’re going to get. But that doesn’t mean you can’t touch us.”

“You can soap me,” Tiffany said. “I got here just before you did.”

Kitty grinned and kissed her. “And I’ll bet you were dirty, too.” She lathered up Tiffany’s tits. “You nasty girl.”

“You taught me how to be nasty. Like this.” She reached around and shoved her finger up Kitty’s ass to illustrate her point.

“Kitty taught everyone how to be nasty,” Amara said as she and Rahne helped Kitty cover Tiffany in soap.

Kitty snorted. “Oh, don’t give me that. Nobody here, like, needed slut lessons. It was fucking instinctive.”

“Good point.”

By the time, Kitty and Tiffany were covered in soap, Jean asked to join the shower, soon followed by Rogue. Now that the shower was really crowded, Amara and Rahne rinsed off, preparing to leave.

“Sorry I can’t stay, Rogue,” Amara said. “I still haven’t finished packing.”

“Okay,” Rogue said. “See ya later.” Without Amara, she had to soap herself, since no one else could touch her. And even Amara couldn’t do it lightly because of the severe effect it had on her. Contact had to be reserved for full lovemaking sessions, not just splashing around in the shower.

“We aren’t going to be able to do each other much longer anyway,” Rogue said sadly after Amara left.

“Oh, Rogue,” Jean said. “I’m sorry to hear that. We all know what it means to you. Did you two have a falling out?”

Rogue shook her head. “No, no, nothing like that. She still wants to, but the Professor says it’s hurting her. Long term effects. I’m draining her power, a little at a time. We do it long enough and she’s just a normal. It we stop now, she should be okay.” She sighed. “Nothing that can be done about it. She said that early on she would have loved for somebody to drain her power so she could be a normal, but not any more.”

“We’re all like that,” Kitty said. “We all hated our powers at first, but they’re part of who we are now.”

“Speak for yourself,” Rogue said. “You can more or less have a normal life. At least you can be intimate with people. If I could turn my power off, at least part of the time, I sure as shit would.”

Kitty didn’t know what to say to that, so she just lathered Jean’s luscious tits with soap. She wanted to do Rogue’s, but she couldn’t. Jean turned around, and Tiffany took over the tits, while Kitty soaped up the taller girl’s ass.

Soon after, Jubilee came in, so Kitty and Tiffany rinsed and rotated out. After putting their robes on, they left the bathroom hand in hand.

“Are you finished packing?” Kitty asked. “Do you have time for us to, uh, check how clean we got?”

Tiffany grinned. “Sure, Kitty. I’m always available to inspect your body.”

Kitty’s room was closer, so they went there. As always, Kitty just phased them though the wall.

“I’ll never forget the first time you brought me into your room that way,” Tiffany said. “I had my first orgasm soon after. I didn’t even know what an orgasm was until after I’d had one.”

“It was kind of a different experience for me too. I’d never taught sex to someone who didn’t know anything. But it was fun.”

Tiffany gently kissed Kitty on the neck, then she grabbed it roughly. “When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.” She suddenly pushed Kitty, causing her to fall forward onto the bed.

Kitty giggled. “The Force is strong with this one. Horniness is the path to the Dark Side. Horniness leads to lust. Lust leads to fucking. Fucking leads to getting off. The Dark Side of the Force are they.”

As Kitty laid face down on the bed, Tiffany twisted the other girl’s arms behind her and gripped both the wrists. The position wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable. Then she sat low on Kitty’s back, leaned forward, and kissed her neck again.

Kitty tried to kiss her back.

“Did I give you permission for that?” Tiffany snapped.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mistress. I’m just the padawan and don’t know any better.”

“Good thing for you I don’t have my light saber. But you still have to be punished.”

Tiffany climbed off Kitty, then pulled the bottom of the robe up, revealing Kitty’s bare ass. She drew back and smacked it forcefully.

“Oh!” Kitty exclaimed.


Another hard whack. Kitty made another sound, more of a squeak this time, but her self-appointed mistress let that pass. Tiffany slapped Kitty’s ass several more times, each resulting in the condoned reaction, then she spread the love to the other ass cheek. After this barrage, the older girl’s ass was not red or sore, but it was definitely tingling.

Tiffany got on her knees, then straddled Kitty, facing in the opposite direction. She hunkered down until her weight was resting on Kitty’s back. Then she started kissing and licking the same places she had just hit, using her lips and tongue all over Kitty’s ass. As she used her mouth on one cheek, she stroked and squeezed the other.

“Ohhhhhh,” Kitty moaned, forgetting that she was supposed to be quiet, but Tiffany didn’t pay attention to the breach of discipline. She used her hands to put pressure to Kitty’s inner thighs. The other girl got the hint and opened her legs wide.

to be continued…

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